The Journey

The Journey

Let’s Design and Build Your Dream

Ready to get started? Or just have questions? Want to discuss our incredible included features? Please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you. Everything we do is designed to provide you with a better home building experience.

So let’s begin the process by asking you to share your dream/vision for your special luxury home – inside and out, roof to landscaping. If you have magazine clippings, pictures of home exteriors you really like, images of rooms or exterior details you like, that’s great! Share them with us. It will make the design process so much easier and faster and most of all, on target. In all the years of designing homes we have never had a customer who wasn’t thrilled with our presentation floor plan and exterior. EVER!

Most important of all we carefully listen to your budget parameters. If you have not found a homesite you love and are still searching for that perfect location, we can help you find it. We can then design for the homesite, knowing where to sun is and capturing views. Then, incorporating all of your input we will present you with a preliminary, detailed floor plan and front elevation. We will accompany them with a detailed and realistic budget proposal.


Remember, the amount of money spent on our homes is solely determined by our client’s their needs and their wants. Our finished products are for everyone. The level of quality of products is the same regardless of size and expenditure. Our homes are limited to high fashion and top quality level products.

Once a vision for your new home is defined we can begin putting together a detailed list of specifications. With the expertise, techniques and software we have developed over the past 20 years, we are able to price out your dream home within 48 hours or less.

When we have agreed on the pricing, plans and exact specifications for your new home we will prepare a Building Agreement and move forward to prepare a full set of engineered construction drawings that will be ready to permit.


Besides having an extremely low overhead we are extremely good competitive shoppers. WHY and how do we get great prices on labor and materials? If interested in our homes just ask us WHY. We’ll tell you about our proven ability to get volume pricing like other large and even national builders profess. It has been one of our great secrets. If fact we have a lot of WHY answers like WHY that A/C, WHY that insulation? Ask us WHY on most anything associated with our homes.

Changes and Upgrading

As a custom design-build firm, we are fully equipped and ready to make changes to the plan or material selections during construction, if so desired. These changes usually add cost and may prolong the project’s schedule, but we understand that most people only get to build their dream home once, thus we also want make sure it’s right! Changes and upgrades are not discouraged. They should be, and are, a stress less opportunity. And best of all, we believe they are not profit opportunities and thus we offer more than reasonable charges on an easy to understand cost plus basis. Our clients love our attitude about changes!

The list of green features that can be incorporated into a home grows almost daily. We continually pursue the cutting edge of sustainable building techniques and are positioned to help you achieve any level of sustainability in your new home.